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Entrepreneurs: Information and Resources to Help You Succeed

Meet the Panelists

Angela Gibson-Shaw, President GLAAACC is dedicated to the growth and development of Black-owned businesses in the greater LA area. We focus on technical assistance, education of business fundamentals, networking and mentoring, business alliances and legislative advocacy.

Constance Anderson, President At The Center by Lendistry, we believe that underserved small businesses need a good sounding board, education, and support from various resources. To meet that need, we blend our resources with other nonprofits, businesses, and government-sponsored entities. Our mission is to help small businesses reach their dreams by listening to their needs, providing education and innovative solutions, and creating a vibrant business community based on collaboration and synergy.

Robin Billups, President The Billups Group, a consultancy, working nationally with entrepreneurs and public/private entities to assess and coach towards successful economic goals and compliance reporting. Robin’s expertise is developing strategic framework and the business narrative to engage with Primes. She is adept in identifying viable opportunities in the procurement supply chain. Value added services include an invited speaker/panelist/moderator; diversity and inclusion, tracking/reporting metrics; certification requirements; aligning prospects and deepening existing client relations; connecting relevant resources to create capacity and scale.

Karen Loquet Los Angeles County Department of Auditor-Controller 500 West Temple Street, Room 525 Los Angeles, CA 990012 Office: (213) 974-0385 Email: Karen Loquet is the Assistant Auditor-Controller/CIO, Los Angeles County, and oversees the Auditor-Controller’s Information Technology Operations with over $53 million in Technology funding. As the Chief Information Officer, she has the responsibility for assisting the Auditor-Controller with Enterprise systems such as: Countywide Payroll; HR and Financial; and Property Tax systems, along with IT strategic planning initiatives.

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